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What situations come to you


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Do you use Outlook to store and share files and the search for certain documents is taking longer and longer?

If your PC should no longer be functional, will at least the data saved on it be lost?

Do you feel "abandoned" by the new BaFIN / CSSF circulars regarding information and data security due to the high requirements?

Does your back or middle office spend a large part of its time merging various Excel spreadsheets and creating reports from them?

Do you spend at least one morning finding out the current addresses of your customers for sending Christmas greetings?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the question of IT security measures in the event of a targeted attack on your infrastructure?

If a colleague asks you for contact details of a customer, do you look for the last e-mail and send the Outlook contact?

Would you like to introduce new portfolio management software and have to implement the interfaces to the accounting system of your KVG yourself?

Have you had the idea for an integrated database in your head for some time that you would like to implement in your company in order to close many information gaps?

Do you recognize many model building blocks and automatable workflows in your daily work / the work of your employees?

Do you know one or more situations from your everyday life?

We are there!

It is best to start immediately with a needs analysis and find out that these problems can soon be a thing of the past!

It goes without saying that we  Offer a needs analysis free of charge!

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